New Jersey Bankers Education Foundation, Inc.
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The New Jersey Bankers Education Foundation was established in 2005 to honor fallen or permanently disabled military members in the post-9/11 Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts by providing scholarships to their eligible dependents.

Either the dependent or the service member must have a connection to New Jersey. The Foundation is completely funded by New Jersey banks and governed by industry trustees. In general, scholarships cover all or a portion of tuition and books/supplies not covered by an academic scholarship and Veteran Administration benefits.

To date, the Foundation’s Trustees have awarded several scholarships to a spouse of an Army National Guard Specialist who lost his life in Iraq in 2004. With help of the Foundation, she recently graduated and plans to work with children experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges, including those who have a parent deployed with the New Jersey National Guard. The Foundation hopes to be able to provide similar assistance to their young child when he nears college age.

The Foundation also provided a scholarship to a Long Branch, New Jersey, spouse of an Army Corporal who was killed in Iraq in 2009 when his vehicle was struck by an explosive devise. This recipient attends Monmouth University and hopes to work with elementary or middle school children. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship,or for more information, contact James Meredith at 908-272-8500, ext. 614, or